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PocketLab Weather 10-Pack

Meet Weather, the mini-meteorologistWireless, multi-functional & remote-ready

Anyone can be a meteorologist for a day. Go far beyond the daily weather report and see the stories behind the seasons. Weather takes a core set of features from our popular Voyager multi-sensor and simplifies the sensor, tailoring it to explore the specific mystery of weather.

  • Design dozens of experiments that make science come alive
  • Explore the complex weather factors interacting behind the scenes
  • Teach students to decipher weather forecasts (and wow Mom & Dad!)

This is a 10-pack set of PocketLab Weathers
Included with a classroom set:

  • 10 PocketLab¬†Weathers
  • 10 Temperature Probes
  • 2 Charging stations with 5 ports
  • 10 micro-USB cables
  • Durable carrying case