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PocketLab Thermo

Meet Thermo, the two temperature sensorWireless, multi-functional & remote-ready 
To compare is to understand. Let this simplified two-temperature probe solution turn your next science lesson into an exploration. Thermo is a dual temperature sensor that includes two thermistor probes with simultaneous measurement capabilities. Now, all kinds of measurement comparison experiments are possible.

  • Compare any two temperatures, anytime, anywhere
  • Introduce experimental basics in a fun, hands-on way that promotes curiosity
  • Makes comparing an experimental setup to a control setup simple

    PocketLab Thermo

    PocketLab Thermo is a dual temperature probe device that wirelessly sends data to any computer, phone, tablet, or Chromebook. With dual temperature measurements, you can simultaneously compare two experiments, evaluate two engineering designs, or compare an experimental setup to a control setup.

    Great Experiments with Two Temperature Measurements

    • Compare two different thermos designs and measure how they perform over time
    • Investigate the Albedo effect and measure how the sun heats up light and dark colored objects differently
    • Investigate how the mixing and heat transfer of cold water and hot water as the system reaches an equilibrium 
    • Design a scale-model house and compare the temperature inside the house to outside the house with a heat lamp shining on the setup 

    PocketLab Thermo Features 

    PocketLab Thermo is versatile and ready to use in any experiment.

    • Bluetooth Wireless Communication
    • Dual temperature probe length: 3 feet (1 meter) long wire leads
    • Measurement range: -55 - 125 oC (-67 - 257 oF)
    • Wireless range: 30 feet (10 meters)
    • Sample rate: 4 measurement/sec to 1 measurement/minute
    • Coin cell battery operated (CR2032)
    • Battery life: 200+ hours continuous data transmission

    What’s Included?

    • PocketLab Thermo Dual Temperature Sensor
    • Protective Acrylic Circuit Board Cover
    • Coin cell battery (CR2032)
    • Getting Started Activity Cards
    • 20+ Lessons and Activities


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