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The Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change

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Submitted by Danny on Fri, 07/05/2019 - 00:43

Download your free guide here

When it comes to climate change, there are many resources out there. However, most are designed for the public’s use worldwide and are often limited to one perspective; ignoring the arguments against climate change. The Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change, which is a free downloadable pdf guide, stands apart from these others in that it:


  • Focuses in on climate change impacts in the US

    • Features modelled effects of climate change for every region of the country

  • Contains background information on paleoclimates to give our recent and modelled future climate context

  • Tackles misinterpretations of information by addressing common question and claims made by climate change deniers

  • Written for teachers; starting with a discussion of why the material should be taught

  • There’s a broad discussion of possible solutions with none favoured or discredited

  • Discussion of challenges to climate change communication and action

  • Considers itself a starting point and suggests many further resources

This is not to say that other resources are not of high quality or shouldn’t be used. However, the Teacher-Friendly guide to climate change is especially well designed for use by teachers within the US. It was produced by the Paleontological Research Institution (PRI) and written largely by Ingrid Zabel, Don Duggan-Hass and Robert Ross in 2017. You can access it in PDF format for free or buy the book for $25. It is currently being distributed, through crowdfunding, to all high school teachers US-wide. You can still contribute to this through their GiveGab page.

Download your free guide here

Cover of the Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change