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Phyphox with Bluetooth Now Available for iOS/Android Devices

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Submitted by Rich on Mon, 06/10/2019 - 18:29

The Phyphox App

You might ask "Under what circumstances would someone want to use the Phyphox app instead of the PocketLab app?"

  • Phyphox is capable of collecting and displaying real-time data from two PocketLab Voyagers simultaneously.  For example, you can mount a Voyager to each of two PocketLab HotRods in an experiment investigating collisions, graphing acceleration versus time for both on the iPhone screen.
  • Phyphox is capable of displaying one PocketLab sensor variable versus another in real-time.  For example, you might want a direct real-time graph of magnetic field versus distance from a dipole magnet, as PocketLab is gradually moved away from the magnet.  

Back in the Spring of 2018, ten PocketLab Voyager experiments were developed for the Phyphox app running on Android devices.  These same ten experiments are now available for the Phyphox app running on the iPhone and iPad!  Here is the list of the PocketLab Voyager experiments as they appear on an iPhone screen.  The PocketLab Voyager experiment group is displayed by a blue banner.

Voyager Experiments for Phyphox


Loading these ten experiments onto your iPhone or iPad takes less than a minute.  Simply click on the plus (+) sign in the upper right corner of the Phyphox screen.  You will then see the following pop-up on the screen:

Add Experiment pop-up


Select "Add experiment from QR code".  Then scan the following QR code.  It will then quickly add the ten PocketLab Voyager experiments.  These experiments will appear every time you open the Phyphox app.  You can always delete an experiment by clicking on the vertical ellipsis to the far right of the experiment's title in the menu and then select Delete from the pop-up.


QR code for the PocketLab Voyager Experiments

The Ten PocketLab Voyager Experiments

For complete descriptions of the experiments, including videos, click on the image links below.

Lissajous Activity




Helmholtz coil experiment




Inverse Cube Law




Current Loop

Magnetic Field around a long wire




tracer lab




Two Car Study 1




Two Car Study 2




Two Car Study 3




Wheel Radius

PocketLab Voyager Experiments for Phyphox


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